Darryl Yong photo

Darryl Yong is the inaugural interim director of the CTL and professor of mathematics at Harvey Mudd College. He has a degree in mathematics from HMC (and completed the piano performance major at Scripps College), a master’s degree in applied mathematics from Claremont Graduate University, and a PhD in applied mathematics from University of Washington. From 2011-2016, he served as the associate dean for diversity at HMC.

His scholarly work in mathematics education is centered on how secondary school mathematics teachers deepen their content knowledge for teaching, gain leadership skills, and learn new pedagogical strategies, particularly through peer communities. He serves on the steering committee for the Math for America Los Angeles, an organization that he helped to start in 2007, and has worked closely with the Teacher Leadership Program of the Institute for Advanced Study/Park City Mathematics Institute since 2003.

Yong also carries out research on effective strategies for teaching and learning mathematics in higher education. With Nancy Lape, Rachel Levy, and Eliot Bush, he has conducted a four-year controlled study of flipped classroom instruction at HMC.

Associate Director

Dr. Jessica Tinklenberg is the Associate Director of the Center for Teaching and Learning. Since 1998, Jessica has been an award-winning teacher for students in K-12 though graduate studies and is passionate about the potential of students to change the world for good.

Throughout her career, Jessica has published and presented nationally and internationally on active learning, student-centered course design, reflection, first year writing, and assessment. Jessica has a Bachelor’s Degree in Religion and Education from Eckerd College (FL), a Master of Divinity from United Seminary (OH), and a Ph.D. from the Florida State University.

Program Coordinator

Sara Hollar is the Program Coordinator at the CTL, and a PhD Student at Claremont Graduate University. She has held several roles across the Claremont Colleges including Assistant Swim Coach at Pomona-Pitzer, Teaching Assistant at Harvey Mudd, and Assessment and Institutional Research Associate at Scripps. She has a Master’s Degree in Social Psychology from CGU.

While working on her PhD research (which focuses on persuasion and decision making in the health domain) she teaches as a Lecturer in the Cal-State system.

Our Context

The Claremont Colleges is a unique consortium of seven distinguished institutions, five undergraduate and two graduate institutions, located 35 miles from Los Angeles. Collectively, The Claremont Colleges constitute an academic community of roughly 6,000 students and 700 faculty. Each institution is autonomous, with its own students, faculty, administration, academic specialties, and educational philosophy. The adjoining institutions share a common library and other major facilities. These common resources provide students and faculty of the small individual institutions with the resources and advantages of a mid-size university.

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CTL Advisory Board

The CTL Advisory Board consists of faculty representatives from each of the Claremont Colleges, along with two at-large faculty board members and representatives from the Claremont Colleges Library.

  • Mary Coffey (POM)
  • Shamini Dias (CGU)
  • Gretchen Edwalds-Gilbert (SCR)
  • Rebecca Halpern (Claremont Colleges Library)
  • Anna Hickerson (KGI)
  • Nancy Lape (HMC)
  • Beth Namei (Claremont Colleges Library)
  • Lee Skinner (CMC)
  • Kathy Yep (PIT)