One of the most effective ways to enhance our teaching is to invite a colleague into our classroom to give us feedback. The CTL facilitates and encourages this kind of learning and reflection in four ways.

  • Multi-Campus Peer Observation Program

    The Multi-Campus Peer Observation Program (MCTOP) supports faculty inviting another faculty member into their classroom to observe. In short, the program pays for both individuals (the observer and the person observed) to share a meal together to debrief the observation and the person who observes to receive an honorarium of $50 or $100 (depending on if the person observes one or two class meetings).

  • Learning Experience Observers

    The Learning Experience Observer (LEO) program is a semester long partnership between a student observer and and faculty partner. The student observer serves as a legitimate informant on the learning environment of the classroom and in collaboration with the faculty partner, encourages deep thinking on teaching and learning.

  • CTL Staff Observations

    Faculty are also welcome to invite a CTL staff member into their classroom to receive feedback and suggestions. CTL staff use a collaborative approach to any consultation and observations.

  • Open Classroom Week

    During Open Classroom week, teachers open up their classrooms to other teachers, so they can observe and experience different types of teaching.