Diversity and Inclusion Database

This Zotero database brings together articles and resources from academic and non-academic sources that may be relevant to diversity and inclusion issues at the Claremont Colleges. It was borne out of a desire to compile individual collections of resources from many professors, including Darryl Yong, Joe Parker, and Wei-Chin Hwang into a cohesive and searchable location. This database is a work in progress and contains multiple perspectives on the issues and is meant to be broadly representative of the types of materials that are available. Please make suggestions of what we should add to help us improve this resource! We’d especially love to include any work related to diversity and inclusion by Claremont College scholars. We welcome your contributions at ctl@claremont.edu

Access the database here: https://www.zotero.org/groups/1573009/ctl_diversity_and_inclusion_sources/items

To more efficiently navigate the resources, use this spreadsheet to get a sense of the tags used to annotate the resources. For example, try “Specific Strategy” in the tag search box to view all articles from multiple folders that suggest specific actions for faculty to take, or try “Empirical” to see only empirical research.