Grants to Enhance Teaching

The Center for Teaching and Learning offers Course Activity Grants to support course (re)development and enhancement. There are two funding cycles every year — applications are due before the end of winter break and before the end of summer break.

Services for Faculty and Instructional Staff

The Center for Teaching and Learning can assist faculty in their teaching in a variety of ways. Please send an email to to inquire about any of these services below.

  • Consultation Meetings

    CTL staff are available to meet with faculty to discuss specific issues relating to any aspect of teaching, such as curriculum design, assignment design/revision, assessment, classroom climate, or educational technology. Our aim is to help provide faculty with customized solutions to fit their needs.

    Consultations are typically most effective face-to-face, though we can also do them over the phone or by e-mail if necessary. Over time, the CTL will develop a network of peer consultants in various discipline areas so that faculty can share their discipline-based teaching knowledge with each other.

  • Classroom Observations

    Classroom observations are great ways to share teaching knowledge with each other because they give both the observer and the person being observed a common experience to talk about.

    There are two different modes of classroom observation that the CTL supports: (1) peer faculty observations and (2) observations by CTL staff.

    1. Peer faculty observations are facilitated through the Multi-Campus Teaching Observation Program. In this program, the faculty member being observed gets to choose someone else to observe them. The person doing the observing gets a $100 honorarium from the college of the person being observed, and the college also pays for an on-campus lunch for the two people to debrief.
    2. Faculty are also welcome to invite a CTL staff member into their classroom to receive feedback and suggestions. CTL staff use a collaborative approach to any consultation and observations. The process typically begins with a preliminary discussion about the kind of feedback desired, the purpose of the classroom observation, the context of the course, the students in the course, and any other logistical issues which may need to be taken into consideration. The CTL also has video equipment that faculty can use to record their class for their own review. CTL staff can assist in the recording process, if desired.
  • Customized Workshops and Training

    CTL staff welcome opportunities to work with departments, schools, or discipline groups to offer customized training on any topic relating to teaching and learning. We can also run prior workshops and customize them for your specific needs.

Important Note about Confidentiality

Evaluation of faculty for the purpose for reappointment or promotion is very different from evaluation of teaching and learning for the purpose of improvement. Therefore, while faculty may share information about their interactions with the CTL with others, CTL staff will keep all conversations with faculty about their teaching and learning in strict confidence. CTL staff will politely decline writing a letter on behalf of a faculty member’s employment, reappointment, or promotion, even if asked to by that person.